19 July, 2016


Most first-time visitors to the Maltese Islands remark on the openness of the people in fact, Maltese are known worldwide for their generosity and friendliness. This is something special about the Maltese who show huge hospitality to foreign guests and will genuinely go out of their way to help. Whilst Maltese is the national language, the majority understand and speak English and Italian making it easier to communicate.

Mediterranean temperament is very evident in everyday life and since communication is much louder than Northern Europe what may sound like shouting could very well be usual everyday talk between locals. An interesting point is the way in which locals express themselves is often mistaken for some form of conflict.

In general, Maltese people show great passion in choosing sides especially between football teams, band clubs or political parties.

Tourists to Malta who become permanent or temporary residents do so for an overwhelming reason that they are made to feel welcome. This basically sums up the character of the Maltese people. So, if you love experiencing new cultures and traditions while on holiday, you will surely notice things that the Maltese people do differently. Some things in Maltese culture really do stand out !