19 July, 2016

Why Malta

Malta shares a richness of archaeological and historical treasures, in a hospitable climate where the temperature is favourable almost all year round.  With a good mixture of historical sites, neolithic temples, beaches, diving sites, promenades, quaint villages, fortifications, gardens and its people, Malta is well described as an all rounder destination. The island is vibrant with its charmful way of life.

Its location in the heart of the Mediterranean makes getting here from most European cities just a few hours away and its small size also makes travelling within Malta relatively trouble free since distances are short.

Malta is so unique and fascinating because of the spirit amongst the Maltese people, a result of its varied history, not to mention the flexibility where at times you can get away with certain things only because you are in Malta!

With Malta being predominantly warm and sunny throughout the year, its climate is one of its assets contributing to a feeling of well being amongst the people. So with mild winters and long summers it is always a good time to visit as you can be quite sure that any activity you plan will not be interrupted because of the weather.

The pleasant spring months are usually from March to May. This is the best time to enjoy outdoor leisure activities such as hiking, country side walks, cycling, horse riding, or even opt for total relaxation on the beach. Mid-June to mid-September are the hottest time of the year when temperatures may go as high as 40 degrees, however such heat waves only last for a few days. During these summer months it is ideal to spend time in or near the sea which is easily reached.The months from September to beginning of December are also favourable autumn months and it is common to experience a warm sunny November. The winter months are usually from mid December to end February. A completely wet day in Malta is quite rare and usually rain falls heavily for an hour or 2, then quickly dries up.

A countries language is a strong influential factor. Visiting a country where communication is easy could change your whole experience. Although Maltese is the native language, Malta is a bilingual country with people speaking and understanding English too. Most are also fluent in Italian, so all in all Malta offers a multi lingual service making it easier to ask questions and get around. Another contributing factor is the friendliness and hospitability amongst locals. Such positive factors could definitely enhance your experience of Malta

Malta is fast becoming a hub for dynamic business activity. Due to the attractive tax breaks, cheaper property, highly motivated and educated work force and other incentives Malta is a relatively cost effective location; for example, salaries are an average of one-third to half those found in the EU. Therefore, many international companies are taking advantage of such opportunities and are choosing Malta to smartly invest and develop their business whilst enjoying the good lifestyle. For foreigners working and living in Malta the combination of an efficient business climate, good infrastructure and a driven workforce, with a relaxed holiday feel, offers a distinct experience. Malta’s geographic location is also ideal for business networking since it is at the crossroads between Europe and Africa.

Numerous events and festivals appealing to all ages and tastes are organised throughout the year. If you check out what’s on you are most likely to find something suitable whether it’s theatrical, art, music or sports related. The most popular is the Maltese festa taking during July and August. Amongst many, a few others are; Malta Arts festival, International Jazz festival, International fireworks festival, Rolex Middle Sea Race. Many other festivals occur and usually have religious and/ or historical connotation especially during the Easter period. The most spectacular in this period is when statues of the “Risen Christ”- Kristu Irxoxt are carried at a run throughout crowded streets. So be sure to bookmark any interesting events.